About Us

Gadget Lab is the GMediaGroup brand specialized in the design, implementation and import of promotional items and corporate gifts.

It is the first brand of the group to born: we are in Pistoia and it is the year 2011.

The passion for the sector of its founder, Luca Cappelli, raised some time before, in 2005, when he began to work in import gadgets and matured, over the years to follow, a strong experience in the field. In fact, he builds solid relationships with European and Asian suppliers, making important experiences in terms of product categories most requested by the market, transport requirements, certifications, customs.

The company he works for at that time mostly turns to communication agencies.

about gadget lab
about gadget lab

Understanding the importance of speaking directly to companies without intermediaries, both to be more competitive in the offer, and to ensure greater speed in the replies, Luca Cappelli decides to follow his intuition and it’s now that Gadget Lab is born. A laboratory of ideas, a mix of creativity, concreteness, experience.

In a few years the team grows, a young and motivated staff, made up of sales, purchasing, administration, graphic and creative team. The brand is constantly evolving and relies not only on the internal structure but also on a solid network of external collaborators.

Today Gadget Lab is one of the first Italian companies to offer import gadgets, whose strength is the continuous search for products and production sites of excellence, according to each customer's need.