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Invest In Tech Promotional Products

As of present day, 1 in 5 people now own at least one smart phone while another 6% of the worldwide populations own a tablet and/or other touch screen device. This estimates to 1.5 billion smart phones active in the world as of today. Now take a look at these statistics from a marketing standpoint. You are looking to create a campaign that appeals to trends and what is hot: at the moment, so you are going to ask yourself, how can I appeal my product/service/company to these trends to create a powerful impression? Well the answer my friends, which is my favorite answer of all, promotional products.

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Summer’s nice weather, longer days and outdoor events create the perfect opportunity for brand exposure. Marketers should take advantage of this special time of the year by having promotional products front and center at these events. Parades, concerts and festivals, or even a day at the beach mean big crowds, and extra impressions for your company logo. Selecting the right products will ensure that you receive the ROI you expect.
If you haven’t already started planning your summer promotional marketing campaigns, we’re here to help. Check out our top 8 product suggestions.

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Thursday, 04 August 2011 02:00

Green Gadget

Sveglia alimentata ad acquaGadgetLab supports the environment by offering promotional items and marketing environmentally friendly, made ??from natural products (corn ..), recycled materials (paper, cardboard ..) and sustainable (bio-plastic) or powered by green energy (sun, water ..)Iphone caricamento manuale

The eco-friendly promotional products are synonymous with respect and sensitivity towards the environment in which we live, the rest of us are aware of the problems of pollution and exploitation of resources that plague the industrialized countries.

Gadgets communicate through ecological means displaying its commitment to tackle these huge problems and in addition to being a noble gesture, it is also morally rewarding.

Below you will find some interesting gadgets green of which you could use to communicate with "green spirit" your image.Penna Ecologica

Ecological pens - ballpoint biodegradable
The Pens are made from biodegradable straws of recycled or bio-plastics, or plastics derived from corn processing.

Crayons and pencils made from recycled paper
The barrel of the pencil graphite surrounding the mine can be made from recycled paper. The original artistic effect derived from mixing the raw recycled paper gives a touch of originality to the pencils.

Water Calculators
Taking advantage of a chemical reaction generated by a voltaic cell is activated by water can power a digital computer or clock radios.
In these environmentally-friendly promotional items curious, often hosted accommodation for traditional batteries, in case you can not use the liquid for generating electricity.

Solar calculatorsUsb sughero ecologica
The principle of generation of electricity through a photovoltaic system is often applied in terms reduced to writing materials such as a calculator and table clocks.
The light, virtually inexhaustible energy source, will allow you to deal without ever having to change the battery!

Solar Torches
The same concept for computers listed above are often applied to LED flashlights, especially useful when you come home at night and you do not find the entrance of the door lock


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