How can I increase the image of my brand? Which is the most effective means?
We can answer these questions by exposing you to a very important research carried out by the PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) which reveals various information on consumer behavior regarding the use of promotional items. This research, analyzing about 1000 subjects, has set itself the goal of defining the degree of importance that gadgets have in the field of corporate promotion. This analysis was made by comparing the promotion of its brand through personalized promotional items with other advertising media.

Although advertising media such as online advertising, broadcast, print and mobile advertising are daily at very high levels regarding advertising according to some questions to the research subjects almost 100% of them said that the communication tool that invites them more to a second contact with the company is just the promotional gadget. The reason was immediately clear, gadget is not invasive and is always useful because most of the customized business gadgets that are given away to their customers are always used in their daily lives. As a result, customer loyalty to your brand increases significantly.
This is confirmed by the research that about 50% of people always have with them daily or use at work at least one promotional gadget personalized as can be a pen, a powerbank, a cup, a pen holder, an agenda, a calendar and many others.

In short, thanks to these results obtained from this very important research we can have even more confirmation and certainty of the effectiveness that a gadget can have in the world of corporate promotion.

Are you ready to re-launch your brand and increase customer loyalty? Contact us and the staff of Gadget Lab will be happy to help you in this your objective by providing you with more than 4000 customizable items and if you want we will search for you the type of gadget that responds more to your needs.

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Wednesday, 14 February 2018 11:33

Good ideas for summer 2018!

We are only in February but the arrival of the Summer comes in the blink of an eye. For people this moment is perfect for relaxing and having fun outdoors. It's the good time to get in touch with thousands of people.
Business executives often have plans drawn up for the summer. They know how well the employees are waiting for the first day of summer. Gadget Lab offers perfect ideas to create the right connections with employees and customers and above all to enhance the visibility of your brand. Here are some ideas of gadgets that could become part of your summer promotional campaign.

Beach Ball WAIKIKI

6 panels PVC beach ball with white and coloured panels. The most classic of summer gadgets but still efficient that gives you a good space to be able to print and recognize your brand.

Beach tennis rackets FALUK

Beach tennis with 2 coloured rackets and one ball, made of wood and plastic. This is another great classic of the summer but certainly effective for the frequency with which it is always used every year and could not miss among the most recommended summer gadgets.

Custodia cellulare impermeabile CLOTIN

Waterproof mobile phone case and stand, PVC. In the era of smartphones and iPhones having a case is essential, especially if it is waterproof and we decide to take it to the beach because it guarantees maximum protection from sand and water.

Inflatable mattress PUMPER

Inflatable beach mattress; material: PVC. Ideal and perfect to stay in the water in maximum comfort, obviously if the sea is not moved! Great to advertise your brand and make it known to thousands of people.

Customisable beach slippers CREASLIP

Customisable beach slippers, with PE sole and PVC straps. Could this gadget be missing? Absolutely not! Top gift for every summer not so much for its comfort but also for the various color combinations and printing space that allows.

We could continue indefinitely but for now we prefer to leave you with these ideas. We hope you enjoyed them. Visit our store or contact us at our email address for any kind of request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Thursday, 21 September 2017 10:55

4 Gift ideas to reward your employees

Employee recognition programs are pursued at an aggressive pace by new-age companies. They realize the importance of rewarding employees for their constant hard work and dedication. Employee recognition programs offer handsome returns in the form of lower attrition rates and a sense of belonging for each employee.
We receive a lot of orders for our range of promotional awards & recognition giveaways. Featured below are 9 products for you to choose from. Pick one or more and give them away to cherished employees and clients.

Pens "Carbox"

Elegant, metal ballpoint pen and roller pen with carbon barrel and chrome parts. In carbon pattern gift box. With blue refill. Perfect as a corporate gift or for a good promotion of your brand.

Sport Bottle "Iskan"

PVC sport bottle with drinking lid, 500 ml. Keeping in shape is important and having always good water supply at your fingertips is essential. This article is very useful to the task and always good grace as a gift!

Backpacks "Arcano"

600D nylon backpack with multiple zipped compartments, padded laptop pocket, back and shoulder straps. This article is imperative for a good trip of the your employee. Very comfortable to wear and useful thanks to its multitasking.

Speaker "Rariax"

Splashproof (IPX4 protection) bluetooth speaker with rubber-coated housing and large suction cup. With handsfree call function and built-in rechargeable battery. Including USB charger cable.

We hope you like the products featured in this article. Contact us to personalize them. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Tuesday, 01 August 2017 09:25

Top 5 Winter Promotions

Winter may seem far away, but it’s closer than you think. With the leaves turning colors and pumpkins everywhere, it’s only a matter of time before winter returns. Prepare your customers or staff for the winter months with these cold weather giveaways! These 10 custom gifts will keep your clients warm and safe throughout the season while also promoting your brand.

Thermocup "Carson"

Stainless steel, double wall thermo mug with coloured plastic parts and handle, in gift box. 450 ml. Perfect as a gift in the winter and christmas.

Gloves touch screen "Tellar"

Touch screen gloves with special coating on 5 fingers, acrylic. In one size for adults. Designed to work with most smartphone / tablet / mp3 player touch screens, these gloves make the perfect gift wintertime!

Winter blanket "Thiago"

Anti-pilling polar fleece blanket, 280 g/m². Bundle up against the cold with this blanket that it's perfect for winter or holiday promotions!

Cotton hat "Lana"

Not enough to cover themselves from the cold with only jackets and scarf. Are necessary also winter hats polyester and cotton. how this great item. A perfect thought for your employees and customers.

Passport case "Klimba"

Shiny PVC passport case. This article is designed for those who love to travel during the holiday season and who has frequent business trips. This housing guarantees optimum conservation of your passport. Any of these promotional items will ensure a successful marketing campaign! For more promotional ideas, browse our large selection of custom gift sets!

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Promotional gadgets help brands generate goodwill and appreciation among the target audience. 36% of people who received promotional gadgets said that they are more likely to do business with the advertiser.
Here are a few other reasons to use promotional gadgets for your business:

  • 63% of recipients pass on promotional gadgets to someone else after using them
  • 89% of respondents could recall the advertiser that gave them promotional gadgets
  • #1 Promotional gadgets are ranked #1 as the most effective advertising tools
  • 1/3rd of recipients carry promotional items with them
  • 35% of businesses use promotional giveaways to share contact details
  • 75% of recipients use a promo item at least once a week

Providing promotional gadgets to your target audience makes them happy and helps your brand stand out from competitors. Include them in your marketing campaign and watch how your brand’s visibility grows!

Are you ready to incorporate promo items to your marketing mix? Contact Gadget Lab staff to get started!

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In years past, most managers didn’t have difficulty communicating with their team members. This was because these team members were seated in the same office setting. The manager simply had to walk up to the employee to convey his/her message. The last couple of years have witnessed a sea change in the way people work at organizations.

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Promotional products are typically thought of as a great marketing tactic when trying to get your business in the (real) face of consumers. Which is true. A tangible product, that people find useful or entertaining help businesses gain repeat impressions and brand recognition.

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017 09:15

Invest In Tech Promotional Products

As of present day, 1 in 5 people now own at least one smart phone while another 6% of the worldwide populations own a tablet and/or other touch screen device. This estimates to 1.5 billion smart phones active in the world as of today. Now take a look at these statistics from a marketing standpoint. You are looking to create a campaign that appeals to trends and what is hot: at the moment, so you are going to ask yourself, how can I appeal my product/service/company to these trends to create a powerful impression? Well the answer my friends, which is my favorite answer of all, promotional products.

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Summer’s nice weather, longer days and outdoor events create the perfect opportunity for brand exposure. Marketers should take advantage of this special time of the year by having promotional products front and center at these events. Parades, concerts and festivals, or even a day at the beach mean big crowds, and extra impressions for your company logo. Selecting the right products will ensure that you receive the ROI you expect.
If you haven’t already started planning your summer promotional marketing campaigns, we’re here to help. Check out our top 8 product suggestions.

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You surely remember the classic 80's Walkman and its dimensions "important".

It was to listen to music on cassette, with headphones, usually black, and who came to cover the whole ear.

Then we switched to CD players and headphones already decreased the ear becoming lighter and less bulky. Things are further evolved with the advent of MP3 players and iPods, but it was expected to evolve further in the ear more and more micro, but there was a return to basics: you often do not see music lovers more with the invisible headphones, but headphones enormous size, as the most famous DJ in the world.

Surely in this way improves listening, because big headphones isolate outside noise much better and, if used to correct volume, are also definitely not bad earphones that "come" directly into the ear. Like many other technology accessories have become the subject of creation, design and color, why not adorn herself with a pair of headphones?

This trend is certainly not escaped the most skilled marketers who made a promotional item sought-year.

Gadget Lab, thanks to the creative laboratory, has made these promotional headphones (photos attached to this article), with great success.

Moreover, to render the gadget even more personalized, there is the possibility of printing the cardboard box containing the product with pantone colors and vs. brand.

The following technical characteristics:

- Diameter: 40mm
- Impedance: 32 ohms + / - 15%
- Sensitivity: 105 dB SPL at 1 KHz
- Frequency: 20-20.000 Hz
- Cable length: 1.1M
- Plug: 3.5 mm stereo
- Material: ABS
- Customize the color of the material (including Pantone)
- Used for MP3, MP4, iPad, iPhone, PC, computer

For any information or a quote we are at your disposal!


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