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Promotional Umbrellas

promotional umbrellas
are considered by many a gadget with a great advertising return. The choice is wide automatic, mini umbrellas, folding umbrellas, umbrellas, portable, pocket books and courses. For this type of gadgets are the three factors discriminating between different models.

One is the form that may be little more or less depending on usage, this variable come primarily umbrellas for adults, children, classics, or pocket, but also by the particular shape as a triangle or square.

The second element concerns the coverage that surely can be printed or spot more or less colored and custom of the various segments that make up the umbrella.

The third element is the handle that in most cases is made of plastic but of wood, rubber or aluminum and in particular models is also a storage area, connected to it is the structure that is the soul and provides the umbrella the quality and durability and can be classic metal, as well as in wood or aluminum to make these umbrellas very light.

There are special models for both their technological component such as an umbrella with a particular coverage allows the passage of air inside of the umbrella without it being broken down, but also for their use, for example there are umbrellas that allow the extension of the bar so that you can lay on the floor, or those with tape or case that allows you to comfortably shoulder portals.

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Green Gadget

Sveglia alimentata ad acquaGadgetLab supports the environment by offering promotional items and marketing environmentally friendly, made ??from natural products (corn ..), recycled materials (paper, cardboard ..) and sustainable (bio-plastic) or powered by green energy (sun, water ..)Iphone caricamento manuale

The eco-friendly promotional products are synonymous with respect and sensitivity towards the environment in which we live, the rest of us are aware of the problems of pollution and exploitation of resources that plague the industrialized countries.

Gadgets communicate through ecological means displaying its commitment to tackle these huge problems and in addition to being a noble gesture, it is also morally rewarding.

Below you will find some interesting gadgets green of which you could use to communicate with "green spirit" your image.Penna Ecologica

Ecological pens - ballpoint biodegradable
The Pens are made from biodegradable straws of recycled or bio-plastics, or plastics derived from corn processing.

Crayons and pencils made from recycled paper
The barrel of the pencil graphite surrounding the mine can be made from recycled paper. The original artistic effect derived from mixing the raw recycled paper gives a touch of originality to the pencils.

Water Calculators
Taking advantage of a chemical reaction generated by a voltaic cell is activated by water can power a digital computer or clock radios.
In these environmentally-friendly promotional items curious, often hosted accommodation for traditional batteries, in case you can not use the liquid for generating electricity.

Solar calculatorsUsb sughero ecologica
The principle of generation of electricity through a photovoltaic system is often applied in terms reduced to writing materials such as a calculator and table clocks.
The light, virtually inexhaustible energy source, will allow you to deal without ever having to change the battery!

Solar Torches
The same concept for computers listed above are often applied to LED flashlights, especially useful when you come home at night and you do not find the entrance of the door lock


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Promotional Scented Candles

What can make the atmosphere tremendously relaxing, warm and romantic?

Impossible not to think immediately of a candle, just turn it on to transform their surroundings into something refreshingly different, with new shades and hues.

The candle is a simple idea that can be adapted to various circumstances, places and situations ... These features are ideal for an article that aims to "communicate" brand.

Why use a candle to do promotion?

The answer is as simple as the object itself: why will always be considered as a useful resource, are easy to attach to furnishings, perfume the environment and are cheap!

We can fully indulge ourselves on the originality of the product, cutting special shapes, aromatizzandole with fragrances of every kind and color them as we want...

Love Magic Candle - The Candle of Love

If you really want to impress or amaze you, you decide to turn her, Love Magic Candle, the Candle of Love.

This object is not a simple candle-shaped feature and the name ... but much more obvious when the wick will catch fire, will be the "magic", the candle with a pleasing visual accuracy will begin to color from white to various shades of red .... Tuttociò is due to the fact that in its small fuse runs a thread of optical fiber that, as soon as it detects the light of the flame, will activate an LED hidden inside thus triggering the particular effect..
How come the rays of a distant candle, so shines a good deed in a naughty world. * William Shakespeare *

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Promotional ashtray glass or ceramic

Among the materials with which classics are made of glass ashtrays are promotional (clear or colored), ceramic or plastic. Of smoking excellence, always present on bar tables and often at home, so that lends itself to broad dissemination of your logo and your picture. Will come later in the specific, introducing some kind of customizable ashtrays that I think are most notable for its originality, quality, fit. In this article I will focus on analyzing the possibility of personalization, the convenience of communicating your image on an ashtray, dispensing some advice on what to print and where to print a promotional ashtrays.
Utility to customize a promotional ashtray

Despite the launch of the anti-smoking laws and their tightening in recent years has prevented customers smoking on the premises without a special smoking area, able to say that the ashtray had "straight shot" by changing its functionality according to the place of employment .

Continuing to serve as a common outdoor ashtrays in areas where smoking is allowed elsewhere is used as an ashtray promotional dirt collector (chewing gum, napkins, toothpicks, or reduced to small pieces coasters) or as svuotatasche or "make the rest "at the counter or next to the cash register.

For those reasons I consider the ashtray promotional still an excellent means of advertising.

At what point should customize an ashtray?

I answer the question of just over placing a logical argument.

A promotional ashtrays can be customized based on the top or on the base side, the first goes down and the ash will go off the cigarettes, the second is usually placed on the stump, while the third surface is always visible to those sitting the table.
The ash in the long run dirty and black base of the ashtray, obscuring your logo and making it unreadable texts written in miniature.

Council therefore prefer the printed board or socket (less prone to "corruption") if you plan to use your ashtrays in the traditional manner or if it does not assume a frequent replacement.

If the ash does not clobber the base without a doubt I recommend customizing the bottom of the ashtray. You will like this area of ??the size suitable for printing your logo and contact information.

What promotional print on an ashtray?

Ashtrays on the board to print only the logo and phone number.
Most of the customers while sitting at the table will have a cell phone, with which we will note down the name of your company or make a phone call.

If the target is young or particularly devoted to technology can bring a web address, your email or your facebook page, smart phones (Blackberry and iPhone) now allow you to surf the Internet anywhere.

What does it cost to make a personal ashtray?

The customization of an ashtray can have a promotional price varied, depending on the material with which the ashtray itself is the product (plastic, glass, ceramics). However the cheapest plastic ashtrays are customized with silkscreen printing 1 or 2 colors.

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A pen for every occasion

Each pen has its own style, its importance and both these characteristics must match the occasion ...

The personalized pens are the most popular gadgets are ideal for professionals, businesses or for the promotion of events and fairs, are invaluable promotional tools that will last.

There are models to suit all tastes from simple to more sophisticated ballpoint pen design more or less refined. The materials are not negligible, then for variety, pens with satin matte or glossy, metal or plastic, and the current fashion pens supports organic, recycled plastic, corn starch, wood and more.

An accessory and economic decline in many variables giveways ideal as an homage to advertise your company, with over 100 original designs more or less valuable and popular. The choice of a pen, is first and foremost a question of style, which in many cases, the economic value that you would like to spend.

Perfect as a gift for specific customers, for which you can select brands embellished with feathers in the materials and the ability to buy gift boxes to complete the work. The real quotable cases for this type of gadgets are varied, ranging from single stores to the exhibition stand of more or less large.

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Advertising Balloon

Advertising balloons are a very common product and essential for every promotion and event.

Did you know that before the latex balloons was invented in the 19th century, we used to make balloons with dried animal bladders ?
Since then, the mass production started in the years 1930.

Let’s find out how balloons are produced starting from the harvest of latex…

The latex comes from a tropical tree : the Hevea Brasiliensis who can be found in the Amazon forest, in Asia and Africa. To collect the the latex, incisions are made orthogonally to the latex vessels, just deep enough to tap the vessels without harming the tree’s growth, and the sap is collected in small buckets. This process is known as rubber tapping.

The Latex is then treated and transformed for its industrial use. It’s the main raw material used in the balloons manufacturing process.

The Latex is then poured into a tank where it will be filtered to eliminate lumps, the ink is added and both will be mixed during 15 hours to dilute the ink homogeneously, and avoid the latex to get frozen. Once the mix is done, they plunge the metal moulds that will give its shape to the balloons into the latex tank.

The latex dries very quickly so instantly the moulds are passed into a machine with metallic brushes who rolls up the extremity of the balloons to make balloon closure easier.

Then balloons are dipped into hot water to clean impurities and avoid allergies.

Finally, the balloons pass into a wind tunnel where they are removed from their mould.

To finish the process, the balloons are washed up with a special cleansing solution that finishes to vulcanize the latex.
And here you have: a nice inflatable balloons which will be printed to become a advertising balloon!

Feel free to contact us to have more information on the balloons manufacturing or to buy advertising balloons.

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