Gadget Lab about us

Simplicity, harmony, lightness and elegance.
The design follows function.
The function follows the identity of project proposals.
Gadget Lab belongs to this creative process.
From a simple idea can grow a successful promotion.

To meet this specific needed arises Gadget Lab, a young, slim structure and dynamics in the way of working, able to offer a comprehensive service, from design to implementation.

We take care of promotional items and gadgets, using two different modes of operation:

With a stock of over 15 million units, it is guaranteed a steady supply throughout the year, to ensure 100% availability of all products of the catalog.
Delivery in 4-7 days. for neutral product
We print every item with more than 16 printing techniques ...
We can create any type of printing using any technique, thanks to the many machines available to us and skilled workers that follow all the steps, from the mould to step printing.
Delivery in 15-20 days. for the printed product

2) PROJECT PRODUCTION AND IMPORT DIRECT (bulk / special projects)
Import service offers the same products in the catalog, changed in color (PMS) and / or shape.
In addition, our model / graphics can study tailor-made products manufactured form brand or product design of costumer, as well as take care of all the logistics and customs practices.
Delivery in 35 days (plane) 65 days (sea)

The production is followed directly by our purchasing offices and quality control in China,

  • a registered and operating in Shanghai is responsible for receiving requests and product research, stress test suppliers, formulating budgets, order management, production control, quality certification eligibility pre-shipment and logistics transport.
  • a branch operating in the industrial district of Shenzhen (China) for greater control of production processes in that particular area

There are three activities that characterize the operation of Gadget Lab Italy:

  • Articles sale catalog with logo printing on each product.
  • Importing custom products BUYER SERVICE
  • Realization special promotional items, from design to promotion. CREATIVITY SERVICE
  • Private Label with legal protection for trademark and design registration in Asian countries. PRIVATE LABEL SERVICE

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