Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different."
- Albert Szent Gyorgyi.

Creativity is imagination governed by technical knowledge of the most different sectors: psychology, marketing, linguistics, semiotics and fashion. Every valuable communication proposal is always the synthesis of such competences, because, without the rules, fantasy can lead to unexpected or diametrically opposed effects compared to those desired.

To create a gadget you can start from several guidelines:

  • Brand
    It's possible to design a promotional item following the brand or the name of a company through the recall of the shapes and colors of the logo, giving it a functionality in daily use or in a specific event.
  • Product concept
    Often, the goal of communicating is represented by the characteristics that the product possesses itself. Let's take a simple practical example. We want to advertise a software and its main features are speed and ease of use? Based on speed + simplicity, we will study a gadget that communicates these concepts through its function / use or through an included message.
  • Budget
    More, often we fall in love with gadgets seen on the Internet, magazines or simply the product of our creativity, which, once placed in their economic dimension, are too expensive compared to the budget we have available. We haven't to forget that an item can be modified, redesigned, economized! Always with the highest care to maintain its quality standard and the message you want to communicate.