The discovery of a solution is to look the same question as everyone else and thinking something different
- Albert Szent Gyorgyi

We are a laboratory of ideas, a team of professionals who design, study and create unique objects. In the promotion, creativity is not just a product of fantasy, as most people are accustomed to think. The creative imagination is governed by technical knowledge of various fields: psychology, marketing, linguistics, semiotics and style. Any proposal for the communication of values ​​is always the synthesis of these skills, because without rules, the fantasy is likely to produce effects or unexpected diametrically opposite to those desired.

To create a gadget you can start with several guidelines that usually the client gives us.

  • Brand
    It is possible to design a promotional item according to the brand of a product or the name of a company, drawing shapes and colors of the logo and assuming a feature in everyday

  • Product Concept
    Sometimes the target of interest are the features that communicate the product possesses. If, for example, we want to advertise a software and features are the same speed and ease of use, then, based on speed + study a simple gadget that transmits through its function / use or incorporate this concept through a message.

  • Budget
    It also happens to be contacted by customers who love a gadget seen on the internet or magazines are unable to purchase because of the budget at their disposal. A product may be modified, redesigned, economized, always with great care to maintain their standard of quality.

Basicaly... we love to surprise!