We know the price of everything but value of nothing
- Oscar Wilde

World boxs buyer experts, we have experience in import and export over 30 countries worldwide including China, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, North Africa, the United States and much of the European community.

Each state has its laws, its culture and tradition, each with excellence in various fields and sectors. Our experience tells us where to find the requests that we receive and then provide the customer, not only the best price, but also the best expertise and product quality.

We have a very strict company policy for the selection of suppliers, subjecting them to stress test and analyzed in advance of trade licenses, export licenses, business volume and certifications by recognized worldwide both for the quality of work for both quality of the marketed product.

We know perfectly the customs system and the rules of international transport by sea, truck or plane. Coordinate a good logistics, with reliable partner is vital to meet its commitments regarding the delivery of goods ordered.