The word adventure could be defined: an event out of the ordinary without being necessarily extraordinary.
- Jean-Paul Sartre

The market of promotional items requires an excellent knowledge of the most rife products and of the main production materials. Knowing where to look for a product and, secondly, where to buy it, is the first step to propose the offer, the best product and make it known to the customer.

So, once we have received a request, as a first step we analyze the requested product in order to understand what is the best channel in the market on which we can find it, keeping mind the time available too. Then, we immediately activate our Purchasing department to contact not only our established suppliers, but also other manufacturers who can provide us a serious and balanced comparison on price and quality and, why not, a further contact on our supplier list.

Surely it isn't realistic to be specialized in any article of the world of gadget, but it's possible, and it's the main part of our mission, to work in identifying new production sites thanks to our experience, the advices of dozens of specialized suppliers and our personal study on the topic / item. This trade needs constant innovation: thus the choice to show our customers items that are not usual in Italian or European market. Our goal, therefore, is also to mix habits and try to propose always something unseen, again.