Where we are

Where we are

Gadget lab was born in Pistoia in a very particular and strategic context, from a certain point of view. This is not Milan or Rome, but the centrality of Tuscany allows us to dialogue with companies throughout the Italian territory. Just take a look at our portfolio !

Green lung of the north of Tuscany, elected even Capital of Italian Culture 2017, we rely not only on the inspiration of the natural and historical beauties that surround us, but above all on the roots of two fundamental professions for the promotional items scope: the printing and the textile.

Pistoia and its province has excellent business in the fields of historical printing, screen printing and, for years, the most modern digital. Also in the textile supplying there is wide availability: a few steps from our headquarters there are some of the largest clothing stock dealers (t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts) of the region. Thanks to the consolidated relationships with these excellences, we are able to guarantee the best service even for small and large runs and even without leaving our province when the times available run fast.

Our city is small, but lively, rich in social and commercial history, always ready to respond to the challenges of the largest citizens contexts and of the international market.