Screen Printing Vs Sublimation: All You Need To Know
11 July
Written by: Gadget Lab
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You have probably seen a lot of people wearing promotional t-shirts. Each t-shirt has a clear and neatly positioned logo that grabs the attention of passersby. This article will focus on the methods that ensure an image (logo in this case) is neatly transferred to the fabric. The methods popularly used are Screen Printing and Heat Transfer. Both these methods have the same goal but are miles apart in execution. Let’s explore them in detail. SCREEN PRINTING As the name suggests, screen printing involves transferring of designs to t-shirts through a screen. This form of printing is derived from an…
Glossary of Promotional Communication
17 June
Written by: Luca Cappelli
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Those who approach the world of promotional advertising agencies for the first time will certainly have a hard time deciphering some expressions that are often used by professionals.In this glossary I tried to summarize and simplify the methods of advertising that are used more often in the world of advertising.ABOVE THE LINEA term used to traditional advertising using traditional media: print campaign, TV spots, radio press, billboards. Everything is grouped under the above the line is excluded from the below the line.ACCOUNTAnd 'the professional within the agency, which is used as a "filter". He is concerned to collect customers' needs…
Custom Gadgets for kids
10 April
Written by: Tommaso Biagini
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The children learn about the world as scientists perform experiments, analyze statistics and formulate theories to explain their observations. The long period of immaturity of children is a kind of evolutionary balance, a necessary consequence of having a brain full of circuits that enable learning and extraordinary creativity. Alison Gopnik Our responsibility is to propose the most suitable objects to a particular campaign, so we are always looking for new ideas, participating in events, documentandoci on Text and Web .. This led us to understand the world more difficult to interpret in the field of promotion and not only is…
The City of New York distributes 1 million condoms each month
23 June
Written by: Luca Cappelli
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An idea for the design of the condom is the official theme of the Underground City, with maps of different lines and colors printed on the envelopes. The Department of Health said it is examining a number of possibilities. In an interview, the Director of Health Thomas Frieden said: "Brands work, and people use branded items more than non-branded, whether it's cola or a medicine. Brands add value to the product and increase the usage. " The management of Mayor Michael Bloomberg is focusing its energies in order to reduce the rates of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, and part…
What are PMS colors?
08 June
Written by: Luca Cappelli
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Virtually all industry professionals of the gifts and corporate gifts know what it's like PMS, Pantone Matching System, or Pantone Matching System. For those who do not know what it means and how to use it I will try to write a short and simple explanation about what it is and how you should use. That is the question = How to explain to a printing company to print on which color you want your business card or a promotional product? You can of course send you a picture via e-mail in which the colors appear, but on his screen,…