Earphones MP3/MP4
10 October
Written by: Silvia Spampani
Published in: Cheap
A pleasant and hi-tech to advertise their brand. Today, the earphones are a must-have item personalized and always present in his bag, the rest who do not own an mp3 player, a music phone with built-in Walkman or the more archaic? With the new and curious pocket packaging your brand is always in movement and attention of the beholder.The headphones are more comfortable at times when compared with normal headphones, and the trend of recent years is precisely to eliminate the clutter of closed headphones. The headphones are smaller than a normal headset for listening to music and take advantage…
Bookmark in Silicone
27 January
Written by: Silvia Vaccari
Published in: Cheap
It happens to everyone to read a book and miss the mark because it is busy, you fall asleep and taken from the hustle and bustle of every day. It 's an innovative and cute bookmark that could be the solution to this problem.    This fun gadget, made ​​of silicone, available in a wide range of colors is a great piece of design that creates a custom look in our book, so that it becomes an accessory to take with you.  On one of the two sides of this weird "book elastic band", there is a finger, which can…
Promotional Scented Candles
08 March
Written by: Tommaso Biagini
Published in: Cheap
What can make the atmosphere tremendously relaxing, warm and romantic? Impossible not to think immediately of a candle, just turn it on to transform their surroundings into something refreshingly different, with new shades and hues. The candle is a simple idea that can be adapted to various circumstances, places and situations ... These features are ideal for an article that aims to "communicate" brand. Why use a candle to do promotion? The answer is as simple as the object itself: why will always be considered as a useful resource, are easy to attach to furnishings, perfume the environment and are…
Silicone Wristband
23 February
Written by: Luca Cappelli
Published in: Cheap
The silicone wristband is a must for your promotions and your events. It's cheap, colorful, simple but at the same time it has got a strong advertising and communication power. It's a type of product that will appeal to different categories of people and realities: adults, children, sports clubs, cultural associations, charities etc. to become a true fashion and stylish gadget. How can be customized the silicone bracelets? Simple Print (choose the color you want!)It's a very easy option! You just have to be careful not to print a light color on a dark-colored bracelet. Except this risk, this simple printing is…
Promotional ashtray glass or ceramic
24 January
Written by: Luca Cappelli
Published in: Cheap
Among the materials with which classics are made of glass ashtrays are promotional (clear or colored), ceramic or plastic. Of smoking excellence, always present on bar tables and often at home, so that lends itself to broad dissemination of your logo and your picture. Will come later in the specific, introducing some kind of customizable ashtrays that I think are most notable for its originality, quality, fit. In this article I will focus on analyzing the possibility of personalization, the convenience of communicating your image on an ashtray, dispensing some advice on what to print and where to print a…
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