Silicone Wristband

The silicone wristband is a must for your promotions and your events. It's cheap, colorful, simple but at the same time it has got a strong advertising and communication power.
It's a type of product that will appeal to different categories of people and realities: adults, children, sports clubs, cultural associations, charities etc. to become a true fashion and stylish gadget.

How can be customized the silicone bracelets?

Simple Print (choose the color you want!)
It's a very easy option! You just have to be careful not to print a light color on a dark-colored bracelet. Except this risk, this simple printing is a safe value.

Carved/debossed bracelet (the text in the cavity)
An attractive option. The first silicone bracelets excavated have been made to Armstrong.
The only negative point is the discretion of the text. It 's not very visible, especially if letters are small.

Beaded/Embossed bracelet (such as Braille)
It is not used by several customers but it is still a nice option. I think that only 15% of all bracelets are made with this technique,what a shame! It's original and discreet. The result is beautiful.

Printed in the cavity
By far, the best option. It costs just a little bit more, but the result is better! The text in the cavity is filled with ink, therefore it ensures an excellent visibility and a very good seal.
Have you already imagined your own silicone bracelet?The
silicone wristband is the flagship product of the advertising items. All targets are seduced by this article. Children, adults, politicians, charities, sports clubs ...

Its success can be explained easily: the bracelet gives a sense of belonging to a group, is a sign of recognition.

Have you already planned your own bracelet?

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