Promotional Scented Candles

What can make the atmosphere tremendously relaxing, warm and romantic?

Impossible not to think immediately of a candle, just turn it on to transform their surroundings into something refreshingly different, with new shades and hues.

The candle is a simple idea that can be adapted to various circumstances, places and situations ... These features are ideal for an article that aims to "communicate" brand.

Why use a candle to do promotion?

The answer is as simple as the object itself: why will always be considered as a useful resource, are easy to attach to furnishings, perfume the environment and are cheap!

We can fully indulge ourselves on the originality of the product, cutting special shapes, aromatizzandole with fragrances of every kind and color them as we want...

Love Magic Candle - The Candle of Love

If you really want to impress or amaze you, you decide to turn her, Love Magic Candle, the Candle of Love.

This object is not a simple candle-shaped feature and the name ... but much more obvious when the wick will catch fire, will be the "magic", the candle with a pleasing visual accuracy will begin to color from white to various shades of red .... Tuttociò is due to the fact that in its small fuse runs a thread of optical fiber that, as soon as it detects the light of the flame, will activate an LED hidden inside thus triggering the particular effect..
How come the rays of a distant candle, so shines a good deed in a naughty world. * William Shakespeare *

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