Promotional pens: the latest trends

Yes, we know it. Personalized pens are not to be counted among the most original promotional items. Yet over the years they have remained one of the most loved and effective method to spread the name of a brand or its advertising message. They never go out of style because, despite the countless digital objects we have available for writing, we all continue to use them. In addition, they have always remained in step with the times, in fact there are those with the touch screen tip or the built-in USB stick, to give some examples.

But which are the news about personalized pens today?

The ecological factor is held in high regard by the consumer, so the Company that is considering pens as gift, must put this alternative in first place over the others. However, we must be careful when communicating the term "ecological". For example, straw fiber pens are made of 50% plastic and are not biodegradable. Many of the paper, wood, bamboo models have plastic, aluminum or steel components so they are not completely made with "natural" elements.

If you want to be sure of giving something that is 100% biodegradable or made with recycled material, these two ideas can certainly be suitable for you.

  1. The corn pen. Except for refilling ink, this pen is made entirely of PLA (polylactic acid), a biodegradable and compostable bioplastic. It is a material derived from the transformation of sugars present in corn, beetroot, sugar cane and other natural materials renewable and not derived from oil (unlike traditional plastic). This bioplastic degrades rapidly in the soil once the necessary temperature and humidity conditions are reached. The appearance is remarkably similar to ordinary plastic, so it can be worked to obtain the shape and color we want for pens or other objects.
  2. The recycled plastic pen. All the components of this pen are made thanks to the recycling of plastic bottles, and to be precise: a single recovered and regenerated bottle becomes a pen. It is recognizable because it must include the RPET symbol. When it is no longer needed, it can be disposed of in plastic waste and recycled in turn.

If you need more ideas on ecological promotional items, contact us!

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