Affordable and up-to-date corporate gifts: the shopping cart handle cover

Italians has always been divided between those who love to shop at the supermarket and those who have to do it out of necessity but would gladly avoid it.

Since last March, on the other hand, it seems that going out to buy basic things is a good choice to get some fresh air and get distracted, given the new anti-covid rules we are all obliged to.

So we leave home armed with masks, hand sanitizers and, sometimes, disposable gloves. We pay attention to interpersonal distance, we respect all the rules imposed by the point of sale. But have we ever wondered how many bacteria lurk in the handles of carts or baskets, repeatedly passed from hand to hand?

Some supermarkets paid attention to the issue since April, and they proposed disposable handle covers. However, we thought that this object could become a real must among promotional items. Even when we no longer hear about Covid-19 (or almost), the attention to hygiene we have been accustomed to in recent months could become a good common habit.

There are handle covers made of neoprene, customizable in color and with the company logo. They are equipped with a small polyester pouch that is used both to close the item and carry it comfortably in a bag, and as an object pocket, useful during shopping. Like the classic shopping bags, custom handle covers could be an up-to-date, useful and very affordable item for your customers.

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