The three cheapest and most useful pocket-sized personalized items

Personalized items are often considered the last thing to think about during the organization phases of events, fairs or exhibitions, and often not too much attention is paid to their potential. Actually, it is always good habit considering that, with that items, the brand image is literally placed in the hands of the potential customer. If there is no studio behind it, then it is better to avoid using promotional products, because they risk being unrepresentative, trivial and perhaps useless.

But what's the point of giving a corporate gift? For the Company, obviously, that of conveying the brand's message, both through its logo printed on the object, and through the intrinsic meaning of the object itself. For those who receive the promotional item, the vision changes considerably: any brand that gave it as a gift, if it is not useful or particularly cool, is first placed in the glove box, only to be forgotten or directly thrown away. It is therefore very important to have an overall and very accurate vision of the communication through the object that is going to be realized, in order not to risk wasting a promotion that could have great potential.

Here are some examples of very cheap, pocket-sized and useful customizable products, which could be a winning and new idea for your promotion (which your competitor may not have thought of yet!).

  1. The phone holder. Especially in this last year, we certainly didn't like placing the phone on surfaces different from those of our home. When we are out, however, it happens that the smartphone runs out and that we have to reach the nearest station to recharge it. So this small phone holder could be the ideal promotional item to always carry in your bag, to be used when needed.
  2. The screen cleaner roller. Made of silicone, this nice roller, available in many colors, allows you to clean your phone and PC screen. It can be easily washed with water and it is reusable. Very useful and new, compared to the classic microfiber cloth.
  3. The cables wrapper. Who doesn't have a tangle of cables in their bag, including earphones, cables to charge the battery, spare cables of any kind? With this small winder just insert the cable on the internal pin and, by pulling lightly, the cable will automatically wind itself around the roller, as described in the images.

All these objects can be customized with the logo print and can also be made with your favorite pantone color. If you wish to have a proper quotation, send us an email with the desired quantity and all the information relating to the customization of the object as you imagined it!

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