Driving a Formula 1? It is no longer impossible with Evotek

Hello dear readers,
Today I want to present something a bit special.
Yesterday, in Milan, I attended the presentation of the platform and I enjoyed it well to try it with driving sensations very similar to reality.

It's called Evotek SYM 026, the new simulator is the son of Italian passion for engines.
This is a training simulator that mimics the performance of Formula One, initially calibrated on the Nurburgring circuit in Germany, but adaptable to any type of track.

The professional and dynamic platform 'was developed by a team that usually works in Formula One. It has a high mechanical accuracy, which allows for maximum system responsiveness in terms of acceleration and precision of movement, if necessary, calibrated electronics, high performance software to recreate a situation closer to reality. Opera in three axes of rotation, designed specifically for driving simulation of the current Formula 1 car. Its development has been designed with 6 degrees of freedom normally used for flight simulators. The testing, conducted mainly with professional riders, led to rationalize and synthesize the best handling dynamics on the 3 main axes of rotation: pitch, roll and yaw.

These reactions are extremely significant and remarkable for the psychophysical training of pilots and those are actually more important for controlling the driving, while the longitudinal and transverse acceleration (braking, acceleration and cornering) are intended more as reactions are emozionali.Chi puts the guide must learn to know the track, learn the reactions of a car that if not treated with kid gloves can also become peevish, to hear feedback from the steering wheel which is very similar to reality.

There are also different driving situations, alone against the clock, competing with another car, but also in a real simulation of the Grand Prix.
I think this product is excellent and very suitable to attract the public during a promotional event (iponotizzante almost feel his eyes on the monitor), embroiled in one of the more realistic driving simulations. The company allows us to fully customize the body of the car and loaded into the software of the circuit, in the space reserved for sponsors, the brand of the company that intends to adopt measures for viral marketing of promotional events throughout the territory.

A great job, well done!

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