Glass Project, Google looks to the future

Augmented reality glasses of minimalist design, able to bring all the necessary information (already available via smartphones) directly in front of his eyes.
Google has confirmed the existence of a program of research and development for the construction of a prototype of glasses with display screen HMD or otherwise able to show augmented reality.

It's called "Glass Project": the idea is literally to bring before the eyes of the information currently available to all smartphone users, with the possibility to interact via voice commands: features that observers compare it to Apple and Siri that Google is already working on Android (which will be based Project Glass) starting from a simple speech recognition already offers its users. This is one of several initiatives in which working men of Google Labs X, which represents the laboratory of futuristic inventions of Mountain View.
To fascinate Project Glass are the first pictures, or rather the ideas first popularized by Google: we see a lean, almost transparent, and apparently very slight, like a futuristic glasses perfectly conceivable in some action movie, which thanks to the presence of a single mini-screen and a camera and a microphone adjacent to it allows interaction with the data stored online. Other attempts to bring augmented reality eyewear, however, there are already: between saying and doing there seems to be mainly on the size of the problem including technologies (batteries and screens of all).
Google Plus members of a team of Google [x] (the secret laboratories in robotics company's Montain View), have posted a video concept to shape the project for the time being is still developing and above all to hear people's opinions.
In the video, in particular, one imagines a future in which routine the device is predominant in the life of a user: who gets up, eats breakfast, looks out the window, walking down the street and shopping is always supported by the information made available through the small screen in front of his eye (that weather is expected, such as appointment's agenda, any means of strikes, directions, messages arrived in the meantime), which can interact by simply speaking, is to dictate and send an SMS or to get directions even in a shop or take a picture and share it with your own Google + circles.

The cost according to the New York Times should be between 250 and $ 600 by the year might already be on the market. The conditional, given the revolutionary impact, it is always a must, but the Googlers who are working in their curriculum have already designing a contact lens for augmented reality. So nothing so strange. At least for them.

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