Promotional Items for aperitifs

The happy hour is a major event and if you like to organize your home this gadget might "whet" the imagination

To arrange a bell'aperitivo with friends is not enough to prepare cocktails and tasty snacks, we must also treat the presentation of the same perhaps by seeking help from the world of gadgets and that's Gadget Lab has a new idea!

Glasses, cutlery and all kinds of objects have been touched by the ingenuity of the designer to allow you to always have a useful item, but also aesthetically nice and fun when possible.

The accessory "Finger Fork" is now a fun alternative to traditional toothpicks you use to take the various dishes served in our local favorite, or alternatively in the absence of cutlery.

It's fun colored plastic thimbles ending with a small trident and allow you to pierce and mouthing everything that seems appealing to load avoiding too hands flat with loads of mini delights.

This small change is only an appetizer for the note of all the products that we offer on time:

Dishes stacked custom, snack cups, glasses, accessories...

Gadget Lab news... Stay tuned!

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