Christmas Gifts Corporate: tip on the green!

welcome by those who receive them from, the company Christmas gifts are also statement of admiration and gratitude for the person, for the work and the professionalism demonstrated.

Every year, many companies find themselves in difficulty in the choice of company Christmas gifts: the gift must be appropriate, for simplicity, to a large target (men and women, young and old ...). Must also meet budget requirements defined and, at the same time be something original, might be a useful and non-obvious.

So why not focus on the green?

The corporate gift is definitely one of the various forms of communication that can help spread the brand image and values of the society.

Therefore, if during the year sustainability has been placed between business goals, or if you are planning of activities aimed at reducing the impact of its activities because they strengthen and make known our work through personalized business Christmas gifts?

Give a flower in a can transmit a high added value to the environment. Why see a flower, a plant or an aromatic herb that grow from small seeds, communicate positive messages related to the green, well-being, to nature.

An act of responsibility that the company caters to both employees to involve the sharing of corporate objectives of sustainability, but also to customers and other stakeholders to show them the new road taken by the company.

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