The Solar Lighter

The solar lighter is a small object with a small parabolic mirror inside that, once opened and properly oriented, focuses the sun's rays to a point. It can be used to turn a piece of paper, straw and certainly a cigarette in just 3 seconds.

Use the principle of burning mirrors of Archimedes and to work needs the sun. This is his value and also his fault because it is obvious that at night, on cloudy days and in closed spaces will not work. To overcome this, contains inside the housing for a normal lighter commonly commercially available, making the object ready for use in any condition.
Naturally lends itself very well to be customized as the large print area and is available in many colors.

The solar lighter, it is true, has its limitations, but it could last forever and prove one of those gadgets irresistible and also useful.
Oh, I forgot! The lighter solar works even in the presence of wind and with any external temperature.

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