Because gadgets are essential for the company

Companies from around the world invest a great deal of time and money each year to promote their brand, sometimes without being able to achieve the desired results. According to some research conducted by the PPAI (Promotional Products Association International), several companies prefer to advertise their company through the usual media rather than try the way of the promotional gadget.

According to these figures, about 80% of people who received a promotional gadget have remembered the brand very easily even after some time and have become available to do business with the brand itself. Even about 58% of people claimed to keep the article with them for 1 to 4 years.

Following these results we want to report the 5 reasons why a gadget is essential for a company:

Recognition and loyalty to the brand

Recognition and loyalty to the brand are the first advantages that are obtained with the distribution of gadgets with their printed brand. Not only that, this will also generate many impressions during the day and also in the months to come. Obviously the most creative and innovative will be the gadget chosen for your promotion the greater the benefit that your brand will get.

Increase in visibility

During a fair the number of competitors can be high and therefore the possibility that a large crowd of people notice your brand is likely to be reduced. A creative and innovative promotional item can help you increase your level of visibility and immediately attract the attention of customers at a fair, marathon or any other event.

Increase of team spirit

The distribution as a gift of promotional items to its employees is a sign of high esteem, trust and recognition of the commitment shown to the company itself. This is another good reason to choose the way of promotional gadgets to increase the loyalty and commitment of their workers.

More savings

Again according to research conducted by PPAI, the level of spending of a company in the media for advertising is much higher than a campaign conducted with promotional gadgets. The latter guarantee not only considerable savings but also a greater memory of the brand over the years.

More memory of the brand

Another interesting statistic revealed by the research carried out by PPAI is that around 75% of people who received a personalized promotional gadget were able to remember and easily reproduce the brand of the advertised company in time. While only about 50% remembered and reproduced the brand following the brand only through the classic advertising media.

We could still continue on the various why choose a promotional gadget instead of the usual media but for the moment let us reflect on the reasons we have just listed. If you feel ready to take this road and give greater visibility to your brand, do not hesitate to contact us.
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