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Leave the mark with your brand!

The goal of each promotional campaign? LEAVE THE MARK!
This is the main goal of every company that decides to make itself known by choosing the way of promotional gadgets.
According to some statistics of the "Global Advertising Specialties Impression Study" the use of promotional gadgets compared to advertising on various media is definitely much more impact and decisive to promote their brand. Without forgetting that it is definitely cheaper.
In short, with simple cheap gadgets you can be able to win the attention and the good impression of your customers much more than you think.

What we want to propose are just some of the most used gadgets from customers all over the world and where you can have your great opportunity to let you know.

USB Rubik

Take your data with you with this original USB memory stick with 32 GB memory. Excellent as a business gift and always useful. Even if it has a printing area that is not too big it allows a good visibility of your brand.

Set of pens Verlaine

Even though we are in an era where social networks and telephones are the masters of writing, pens are always current. They are a great idea to promote your brand and even if they offer a not too large print area they still leave the mark of your brand in the customer's memory.

Shopping Bag Cattyr

Who does not need a shopping bag for his purchases? This TNT shopper bag with long handles as well as being a much appreciated gadget offers an important printing area that will allow your brand to be noticed and memorized as easily as possible.

T-Shirt Keya 180

Who does not love t-shirts? This article is obviously one of the most desired and loved by customers. In addition to being a very well-liked gadget, it's great for promoting your brand. Thanks to its large print area, it is easy and quick to memorize the logo. This will obviously also involve the excellent impression that customers will have on your company.

Hat with visor Blazok

Even the basball-style hats are among the most effective gadgets and used in a promotional campaign or as a corporate gift. These polyester and microfibre hats allow you to have a good print area for your logo. Various types of color available.

Are not these proposals enough? Visit then our store and discover our entire catalog!

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Thursday, 05 December 2013 01:00

New pocket battery charger

It has got the size of a credit card and it can help us in case of low battery of your smartphone. It has a power capacity of 1500 mAh, the right balance power / size.
With a thickness of only a few millimeters, this is the smallest emergency battery that you can find on the market, big enough to hold a lot of charge (enough to fully charge any smartphone in a few minutes) small enough to slip into the creditcard wallet.

As each external battery it has got a USB entrance to connect it to the power or to your computer and a microusb to stick to any smartphone (the adapter for iphone comes in the box).

It is the smallest, functional, intelligent and capacitive battery emergency of 2013.
Do not miss it!


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Thursday, 27 October 2011 02:00

USB rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries
are the only viable solution to date to address the costs, the difficult disposal and the ability to remain "dry" battery common.

Despite what we often are faced with the problem of charger; maybe because you forgot home, or simply because it is a bit 'too big to keep in their pockets. So it becomes a problem recharging their batteries.

In this problem we thought Moxia Energy in collaboration with Lovemyplanet, together they have created a rechargeable battery with integrated USB port to recharge in complete freedom.

The USBcell, so they called the eco rechargeable batteries, the same size and have the same voltage as the classic AA battery, but have a more special, in fact, simply lift the cap over the positive terminal to find a USB port that allows recharging.

That is, the time pass and also everything that surrounds us has to keep up .. All the better if in advance we can also save money and not harm the environment .. Hats off to the USB batteries!

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brand becomes interactive with the Push Button USB WebKey.

It is a circular button to connect to any computer via USB cable, with plug & play recognition.

If pressed, automatically in the default web browser is launched, a website, a particular web page, a video, an online catalog or any link you want to preload on it. It can be used for direct connection to a webchat, with an area for emergency assistance or support.

Seemingly trivial but if an object is analyzed with attention could become a promotional gadget with great effectiveness, as it tends to render immediate action with a simple web search.

Push Button USB also has a great communicative power permanently stationed on the desk near the computer.

To make it even more attractive this little gadget, we decided to change the version with a simple button and enter 3 USB ports, then converting this HUB. In doing so the object becomes a utility for users and ensure use by avoiding the immediate provision as it was in 37% of cases in the basic version.

To the detriment of what you might think, this article does not have high costs and, in our opinion has a high ratio of return advertising.

We remain at your disposal for any information or a quote!

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