How can I increase the image of my brand? Which is the most effective means?
We can answer these questions by exposing you to a very important research carried out by the PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) which reveals various information on consumer behavior regarding the use of promotional items. This research, analyzing about 1000 subjects, has set itself the goal of defining the degree of importance that gadgets have in the field of corporate promotion. This analysis was made by comparing the promotion of its brand through personalized promotional items with other advertising media.

Although advertising media such as online advertising, broadcast, print and mobile advertising are daily at very high levels regarding advertising according to some questions to the research subjects almost 100% of them said that the communication tool that invites them more to a second contact with the company is just the promotional gadget. The reason was immediately clear, gadget is not invasive and is always useful because most of the customized business gadgets that are given away to their customers are always used in their daily lives. As a result, customer loyalty to your brand increases significantly.
This is confirmed by the research that about 50% of people always have with them daily or use at work at least one promotional gadget personalized as can be a pen, a powerbank, a cup, a pen holder, an agenda, a calendar and many others.

In short, thanks to these results obtained from this very important research we can have even more confirmation and certainty of the effectiveness that a gadget can have in the world of corporate promotion.

Are you ready to re-launch your brand and increase customer loyalty? Contact us and the staff of Gadget Lab will be happy to help you in this your objective by providing you with more than 4000 customizable items and if you want we will search for you the type of gadget that responds more to your needs.

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Wednesday, 10 July 2019 10:01

The trend gadgets - our top selection

The HiGift product selection contains a lot of items. Lots of new things to see; obviously to discover all of them takes a bit of patience and attention.
With this article we want to save some of your time and show you some of the trendiest products of the moment.

Stainless steel selfie stick Kroper

To start off well with our list we can not fail to name a gadget that is now completely depopulated all over the world, the stainless steel selfie stick with plastic grip and camera shutter button (3,5 mm Jack connection). With universal mobile holder.

Plastic virtual reality headset Bercley

Plastic virtual reality headset with adjustable lenses, elastic strap and universal phone holder. Supports smartphones with 4.5-6.5 inch screen. Now this object is completely invading the whole world and certainly could not be missing in our catalog not only for its diffusion but also for its quality and entertainment that it manages to create.

Power Bank Backers

What happens when our mobile or tablet device discharges and we have no wall socket? The power bank in these cases is our solution and we certainly could not call it off our list. Aluminium USB power bank with 10000 mAh battery with 2 USB and 2 USB Type-C outputs. Without charger cable.

Mobile phone armband Tracxu

Now with the arrival of the beautiful season increases the desire to go out more and more out in the open air and do a little jogging. But where to put our cell phone in these cases? For this HiGift offers this mobile phone armband case with touch screen window, soft shell. Fits mobile phones upto 6 inch screen size.

Action camera Garrix

Plastic 4K action camera with WiFi, 2" LCD screen, multilingual menu, built-in rechargeable battery and 16 accessories. This trend of the moment has also become part of our catalog. Designed for the most extreme and spectacular sporting adventures.

Earphones Kelty

Plastic in-ear earphones with 3,5 mm audio Jack connection. Article always current and very useful and how to be missing in the catalog ?! There are many variations and colors, you are spoiled for choice!

These and many other news populate the HiGiftcatalog. Find it out!

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Useful informations about Power Banks

Power banks are great promotional gifts for employees, customers, and business partners. A power bank has a high-perceived value and serves as the perfect reminder of your brand.
The purpose of this article is to better guide you on the right type of powerbank to buy that perfectly meets your needs.
The purpose of this article is to help you make an informed buying decision while shopping for power banks. The information below will help you ask the right questions for your next purchase.

How to choosing the right power bank?
A good quality power bank usually holds its charge for 3-6 months. However, this doesn’t mean that inexpensive power banks are low on quality. If you want to gift a power bank to a client who would use it rarely, then it is wise to invest in an inexpensive option. However, if you have customers who will use their power banks frequently and for a longer period of time, then go for high-quality ones.

How long does it take for a power bank to charge?
A power bank with 1500mAh capacity may take 3 hours to charge up while power banks with higher power capacities will take longer to get a full charge.

Buying the right power bank:
When gifting power banks in small quantities, select the ones with a large power capacity or if you want to gift power banks in large quantities, than lower power capacity ones will be a perfect option.
Power banks are compatible with almost all types of mobile phones or devices that can be charged by a USB. They are lightweight, portable and give your brand a wide graphic exposure.
Below we bring you a list of some of our available power banks: Go to store
Hope this article helps you purchase the right promotional power banks!

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