What are PMS colors?

Virtually all industry professionals of the gifts and corporate gifts know what it's like PMS, Pantone Matching System, or Pantone Matching System.

For those who do not know what it means and how to use it I will try to write a short and simple explanation about what it is and how you should use.
That is the question = How to explain to a printing company to print on which color you want your business card or a promotional product?

You can of course send you a picture via e-mail in which the colors appear, but on his screen, the colors of this' image does not appear in the same way they appear on your screen. I myself work on two screens that depend on the same computer, and when I play the same image on two screens simultaneously, the color is not exactly the same.

pmsEach monitor is different, every printer is different. Unless your machines are not calibrated with the Pantone huey, the color that appears on your screen will not be faithful and could even miss many shades.

That's why you created the PMS, Pantone Matching System. This is the standard language for color identification and communication. When you say to the printer: I want to print a pink 1767C, you can be sure that he knows what color you mean. It 's simple, just use a Pantone guide, which contains more than 1000 different colors and tell the printer the Pantone color code of your choice.

What if you do not have a pantone guide? Rest assured, all have a printing company and you can ask them to check it out.
For more info: www.pantone.com

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