Glossary of Promotional Communication

Those who approach the world of promotional advertising agencies for the first time will certainly have a hard time deciphering some expressions that are often used by professionals.
In this glossary I tried to summarize and simplify the methods of advertising that are used more often in the world of advertising.

A term used to traditional advertising using traditional media: print campaign, TV spots, radio press, billboards. Everything is grouped under the above the line is excluded from the below the line.
And 'the professional within the agency, which is used as a "filter". He is concerned to collect customers' needs and inform the briefing by various figures within the agency that will manage the campaign sucessivamente. It is often synonymous with business generator.
When the same agency is to manage two competitors, customers will create the account conflict.
Term derived from the union of the two English words "advertising" and "game" refers to a game associated with the advertising or, better still advertising the games. The purpose is to convey a dell'advergame promotional message through entertainment, making advertising more "sympathetic" in the eyes of consumers. Advergames in particular find their natural place on the internet, for interactivity and multimedia provide the flexibility necessary for the operation of both components, advertising and gaming.
Service offered by the famous search engine Google, the Internet allows sites to run advertising campaigns paid to increase the visibility of the site.

Agency shall advertise products or services on behalf of clients. The following provides a maximum basic services: conception, design and implementation of messages, media planning, booking of space and subsequent monitoring, consulting and other services related to communication and image of the customer and its products. The salary can occur in two forms: a fixed price in advance for jobs that do not involve the use of means of mass communication (eg, catalogs and brochures), and the Committee for direct marketing.
Theoretical model in vogue in the 60's, this suggested that consumers purchase came after spending four stages: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.
The agency is one of the key figures, usually deals with the creation and display of advertising campaigns overseeing the subsequent processing steps, his figure has usually need to be in close contact with the copyrighter.
The advertising formula that opposes all'above, this does not make use of traditional media, but takes advantage of: Catalogs, brochures, flyers.
In the world of photography shows the procedure to create a high magnification of the photographic negative.
The verbal part of an advertisement which shows the advantages of the product being advertised. used as a completion of the headline.
Become an integral part of our language, brainstorming the next part describes the briefing in which you create free association of thoughts (without limitation) this practice is used to find items that will help the establishment of the promotional campaign. Design promotional items

Names or distinctive signs by which a company distinguishes its product from others of the same genus. Literally the phrase means "brand" or "trademark".
This is a moment for an agency, is the start of every campaign in which all of the information contained in the briefs are exposed.
Printed leaflet advertising with which they usually advertise businesses or services which are offered to customers.
Used in bookbinding and typography, which serves to bundle the sheets conpongono a book or catalog which are then glued or tied to wire it up on its back cover.
Text placed at the end of a book, describing the title, the name of the printer, place and date of printing, the collaborators. It also indicates a pattern of the publisher or brand.
This term is indicated by the promise made by the consumer.
He uses this term to describe the union of two brands in order to promote a new product / service.
Tied hand in glove with the figure copyrighter the art director is the one who takes care of the text in advertising.
In Italian you can easily translate as folding. Printed used often in massive advertising campaigns. Is wrongly used as a synonym for brochures that differs in having a different number of pages bound together.
Marketing technique through which the company communicates directly to specific individuals (clients or potential end users). It is addressed to a targeted audience in order to obtain measurable responses, through interactive tools. The most classic of these acts, and providing for the dispatch of advertising material by mail.
Test of the direct marketing is to make an offer to sell to potential customers without having yet developed the product or service advertised. The test is designed to produce the message more effectively and optimize the size of the mailing campaign before you run the risks inherent in the production of the product.
This term is used in many disciplines but in the field of communication indicates the revision of a text by the copy, the correction of errors before it is submitted for printing.
As part of the presentation to the customer a notice of proposed release is the final version. Also known as "finished layout" or "executive release".
Type of packaging for books or catalogs of which are sewn to the ends of the pages to be able to be glued to the cover
The professional who is not framed with standard contracts, it does not work under the direct of a company, but is used as a freelancer, it often works in the same period with several companies.
Process by which we obtain the plates for offset printing with the system
The title of the advertisement. As a larger font than the rest of the text is constructed so as to attract the attention of the consumer. Also commonly called "slogans".
Institutional communication is directed not to the sale of a product / service but aimed at enhancing the consumer's consent to the brand.
Appropriate provision of the elements of an advertisement: figures, headlines, body copy. Displays a message before going to the executive. It also indicates the arrangement of the shelves in a store.
Which may be used in a generic sense to describe any advertising package. In detail, referring to a leaflet that illustrates and promotes products or services.
Transaction through which the graph makes the iconic aspect of an advertising message bodies, and choosing the type of character that will be made.
Graphic composition in the form of the lettering which is the trade name of a company or product. Now indicates the brand of a company. You should properly speak of brand-logo where the logo is composed of a iconic (brand) and a text part (logo).
Identifying symbol of companies and products, usually in conjunction with the company name (or product).
Model of layout of a printed publication. In a file of exactly the same format and the same number of pages in the finished product in which they are marked, page by page, all the signs to the layout with the relative dimensions of texts and illustrations.
All elements and materials used to package the product (structure, labels and packaging), in order to make it more attractive, more recognizable, or for easy transport and use.
Verbal portion that closes an ad, short, often without a verb, is close to the company logo. Is maintained over time representing the element of continuity of the various campaigns.
First sketch that gives the customer a rough idea of ??the campaign. Once approved it goes to the realization of the layout and then executive.
Usually photograph depicting objects and products for advertising.
Type of advertising campaign with which intrigues the viewer, it must leave in the first stage without revealing too many curious details. in the second phase of the campaign is to promote traditional.

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