The City of New York distributes 1 million condoms each month

Preservativi PromozionaliAn idea for the design of the condom is the official theme of the Underground City, with maps of different lines and colors printed on the envelopes. The Department of Health said it is examining a number of possibilities.
In an interview, the Director of Health Thomas Frieden said: "Brands work, and people use branded items more than non-branded, whether it's cola or a medicine. Brands add value to the product and increase the usage. "
The management of Mayor Michael Bloomberg is focusing its energies in order to reduce the rates of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, and part of this strategy lies in the aggressive promotion of free condoms. Officials rely on the idea that if the packaging is attractive and colorful, more people will be compelled to use condoms.
Condoms in the market for the city of New York is well underway. The City distributes fact 1.5 million free condoms a day and about 18 million a year. Hundreds of organizations receive free condoms from the city and distribute them in different environments such as clinics, advocacy groups, bars, restaurants, beauty salons, nightclubs and even prisons.
In comparison, the Department of Health in Los Angeles, according to Peter Kerndt, director of the STD Program of the Department, distributes just over a million condoms a year. In Los Angeles health and advocacy organizations require and then re-distribute condoms, and individuals may order up to 10 pieces at once, by calling a toll free number.
According to health officials, New York City has negotiated a deal with the creator of the brand Lifestyles condoms for 4 cents, charging the cost to the City, only $ 720,000 a year.

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