Custom Gadgets for kids

Children learn about the world as scientists do: they perform experiments, analyze statistics and formulate theories to explain their observations. The long period of immaturity of children is a kind of evolutionary balance, a necessary consequence of having a brain full of circuits that enable extra ordinary learning and creativity. Alison Gopnik

Our responsibility is to propose the most suitable objects for a particular campaign, so we are always looking for new ideas, participating in events, reading contents and web sites... This let us to understand that the world more difficult to interpret in the field of promotion (and not only) is the baby, so pure so indecipherable ..

Giving something to a small man and small women is the essence of communication, because they are not happy for the value of the object but for something that include our love, our interest, our experience, that's why we want to dedicate a space just for them!

At this point I go back and try to remember me when I was a child, what made me happy: coloring sheets, have lots of colors and pencils to draw any page white lights to spy on the dark corners, any ball, the unexplained sounds coming from the gimmicks, the mythical kinder eggs, ...

By HiGift we have created a selection of products to be used only to them, the youngest (3 to 10 years) where you can find alternatives and ideas. If you cannot find what you need or you want to create something out of our selection, Gadget Lab will be happy to interact with you helping you in the study and research of this new idea; then we can make it in our production sites especially for you.

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