Bringing fresh water under the beach umbrella means having to consume it within maximum half an hour if we don't want to literally find it "boiled". To say nothing of the lunch inside the plastic box.

This situation can be solved by adding a cooler bag to the classic “bundles” which, together with the beach bag, the sack with toys for children etc..., contributes to a real explosion of discomfort.

If you have to choose a gadget for your events or summer promotions, doubtless a multipurpose beach object could be the ideal solution to hit the mark.

Our suggestion falls on this large and light sea bag, divided into two parts: in the upper part it is a normal beach shopper closable with magnetic button, in the lower part it is a real cooler bag, with double-slider zip closure.

The bag has two comfortable pockets and, being made of polyester with a light consistency, it can be easily folded for carrying in a luggage. It can be made with your favorite color and customized with the logo print in the front pocket, as seen in the photo.

A gadget like this will be appreciated and certainly used, it will offer visibility to your brand for the whole season. Contact us to know more!

How many times, during the shopping sessions, we notice an unusual object and we say to ourselves: "well, I don't need it but if you give it to me, I don't deny that it would be useful ..."

This should be one of the thoughts behind the choice of the most suitable promotional item: present customers something that is not obvious, in order to avoid repeating what they already have, but which is so useful that they can no longer do without it!

What we propose today is just one of those products, a mix between practical and unusual.

These are bags of different shapes and sizes, which can be used both as envelopes for ordering garments in the closet or travel bags, and for preserving delicate clothes in the washing machine.

In fact, garments often get tangled during washing, risking damage or tearing, especially when in contact with zips, buttons or studs. Instead, inserting them in these bags not only do not spoil but do not even risk getting stained coming in contact with other colored garments. They are made of polyester and have a woven weave that allows the passage of water and soap.

They can be purchased in sets of five pieces with the shape and embroidery that recalls the type of garments for which they were designed (as seen in the photo); or they can tailor made with custom shape, color and embroidery, and even given as a single piece, choosing only one of the sizes.

This is just one of the ideas we have prepared for you. For more information on this or similar products, contact us!

Getting used to drinking with reusable bottles and glasses instead of plastic bottles or disposable glasses is a small step of responsibility towards the environment and ourselves. If then the material composition of these articles originates from natural elements, even better.

Today we present the Straw Fiber Plastic (SFP), made up of straw and plastic fibers. The straw fiber is made from natural elements such as wheat shells, corn citrus or rice bran that are mixed with polypropylene to obtain a resistant fiber.

Since, in the mixture, the percentage presence of the two materials (natural ones and pp) is around 50% each, the amount of plastic used in production is considerably reduced compared to a common processing. In addition, the natural elements are agricultural wastes that are usually burned causing air pollution: in this case instead they are all recovered and regenerated.

Despite what is often reported, products made with this technique are not biodegradable because the natural fibers mixed with normal plastic are no longer able to be compostable, and the plastic is not already by nature. However, they are totally recyclable.

With Straw Fiber Plastic, many kitchen objects are made: from lunch boxes, to cutlery, to containers of various sizes. We really liked the small glass that folds on itself and the container bottle, also convenient to carry and available in different versions: with spout for drinking, with attached cell phone holder, of different capacities ... shortly, the one you see in photo is just an example!

Both objects can be personalized, even in packaging. As for the glass, customization is possible on the cap. The bottle instead has a printing area that takes all its circumference. Although they are new items on the market, they are quite cheap and therefore suitable for large-scale promotions.

Would you like to know more? Our team is at your disposal, contact us!

Who has never used plastic film to wrap food or cover containers to keep in the fridge? Maybe nobody.

Now it's time to change course.

Media awareness on the theme of ecology has meant that we are all more careful to using alternative resources to those that are more polluting, where possible.

In this regard, our product research team has found valid alternatives to plastic, to use in the kitchen.

The product that we absolutely loved the most is the so-called Beeswax Wrap, a kit consisting of three sheets made with beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. These natural ingredients are not only ecological and make the object biodegradable, but contain useful properties to make food last longer, reducing waste.

Another very special feature is that they completely cover the food, or cover the containers, taking the shape of the same. They are also washable and therefore reusable.

Sheets that compose the kit can be of three different sizes, which can be totally customized with one or more patterns, and are enclosed in a recyclable packaging of equally customizable cardboard.

Being the kit thin and light, it adapts perfectly to any type of promotion: it can be attached to magazines, sent home, used as a gift in events related to ecological themes, such as give away in food & beverage fairs etc...

The kit can be used for many gift occasions, it is a useful and reusable object for which the brand that decides to customize it will be easily remembered. But above all ... it is a news in the market with which you can still surprise!

For more information on this product contact us!

"Io leggo perchè", now in its fourth year, is the largest national book promotion event for the enhancement of school libraries throughout Italy.

For this wonderful initiative Gadget Lab has created t-shirts, drawstring bags, pencils and hats, all strictly in red and white. These articles will be used by children and adults who from October 19th to 27th will help to collect volumes in the 2,400 bookshops throughout Italy participating in the project.

Books donated and accumulated in bookstores will be withdrawn from schools to enrich existing school libraries or establish new ones.

The promotion of culture thanks to printed media at a time when information is frequently obtained via social networks, makes us proud of having been involved in the project in some way.

Gadget Lab often deals with making products for children, for events or shows, even when specific certifications are required.

Contact us to learn more!

Gadget Lab is also this year an official partner of The Color Run Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Romania and Hungary, for the supply of merchandising.

This "fun race" is without any doubt one of the most fun and shooted of the Summer!

This is a 5km non-competitive marathon born in the US in January 2012 as an event to promote well-being and happiness. Everyone can participate: it takes place in a context rich in colors, music, festivities and joy.

Today it is present in more than 30 countries and 200 cities in the world, and has received the participation of several million people. In Italy it arrived in 2013 and Gadget Lab has been following the event since 2015.

Each runner is provided with the kit made up of: headbands, t-shirts, tattoos, drawstring bags, silicone bracelets and, of course, the protagonists, the colored powders.

In Italy one more stage is still missing and it is Milan, next September 14th, as for Poland and Romania. Closes Gdansk, in Poland, with September 21st.

The return from the holidays is certainly less heavy if we already think at something that makes us feel good and The Color Run is certainly an opportunity not to be missed.

If you are organizing a marathon or a running event, contact us! We will help you in choosing the right merchandising for your event!

Companies from around the world invest a great deal of time and money each year to promote their brand, sometimes without being able to achieve the desired results. According to some research conducted by the PPAI (Promotional Products Association International), several companies prefer to advertise their company through the usual media rather than try the way of the promotional gadget.

According to these figures, about 80% of people who received a promotional gadget have remembered the brand very easily even after some time and have become available to do business with the brand itself. Even about 58% of people claimed to keep the article with them for 1 to 4 years.

How can I increase the image of my brand? Which is the most effective means?
We can answer these questions by exposing you to a very important research carried out by the PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) which reveals various information on consumer behavior regarding the use of promotional items. This research, analyzing about 1000 subjects, has set itself the goal of defining the degree of importance that gadgets have in the field of corporate promotion. This analysis was made by comparing the promotion of its brand through personalized promotional items with other advertising media.

Although advertising media such as online advertising, broadcast, print and mobile advertising are daily at very high levels regarding advertising according to some questions to the research subjects almost 100% of them said that the communication tool that invites them more to a second contact with the company is just the promotional gadget. The reason was immediately clear, gadget is not invasive and is always useful because most of the customized business gadgets that are given away to their customers are always used in their daily lives. As a result, customer loyalty to your brand increases significantly.
This is confirmed by the research that about 50% of people always have with them daily or use at work at least one promotional gadget personalized as can be a pen, a powerbank, a cup, a pen holder, an agenda, a calendar and many others.

In short, thanks to these results obtained from this very important research we can have even more confirmation and certainty of the effectiveness that a gadget can have in the world of corporate promotion.

Are you ready to re-launch your brand and increase customer loyalty? Contact us and the staff of Gadget Lab will be happy to help you in this your objective by providing you with more than 4000 customizable items and if you want we will search for you the type of gadget that responds more to your needs.

The goal of each promotional campaign? LEAVE THE MARK!
This is the main goal of every company that decides to make itself known by choosing the way of promotional gadgets.
According to some statistics of the "Global Advertising Specialties Impression Study" the use of promotional gadgets compared to advertising on various media is definitely much more impact and decisive to promote their brand. Without forgetting that it is definitely cheaper.
In short, with simple cheap gadgets you can be able to win the attention and the good impression of your customers much more than you think.

What we want to propose are just some of the most used gadgets from customers all over the world and where you can have your great opportunity to let you know.

USB Rubik

Take your data with you with this original USB memory stick with 32 GB memory. Excellent as a business gift and always useful. Even if it has a printing area that is not too big it allows a good visibility of your brand.

Set of pens Verlaine

Even though we are in an era where social networks and telephones are the masters of writing, pens are always current. They are a great idea to promote your brand and even if they offer a not too large print area they still leave the mark of your brand in the customer's memory.

Shopping Bag Cattyr

Who does not need a shopping bag for his purchases? This TNT shopper bag with long handles as well as being a much appreciated gadget offers an important printing area that will allow your brand to be noticed and memorized as easily as possible.

T-Shirt Keya 180

Who does not love t-shirts? This article is obviously one of the most desired and loved by customers. In addition to being a very well-liked gadget, it's great for promoting your brand. Thanks to its large print area, it is easy and quick to memorize the logo. This will obviously also involve the excellent impression that customers will have on your company.

Hat with visor Blazok

Even the basball-style hats are among the most effective gadgets and used in a promotional campaign or as a corporate gift. These polyester and microfibre hats allow you to have a good print area for your logo. Various types of color available.

Are not these proposals enough? Visit then our store and discover our entire catalog!

One of the main questions that is most frequently asked in the world of Gadgets is definitely: "What format should my logo be for printing?". Precisely for this reason we decided to devote an article where we will try to clarify any kind of doubt on the subject.

What is a vector file?

A vector file is a file created by curves and paths, all generated by a series of mathematical rules. Thanks to this the logo being in high definition will always guarantee an excellent result during printing. The reason is very simple, the vector is not in any way formed by the classic pixels (single squares from which a digital image is formed). The files formed by the classic pixels are the .jpg, .png, .gif and all the other bitmap formats.

How to understand if a file is vector?

Once you are in possession of your logo to understand if it is in vector format or not enough to zoom in on the graphics of the file and see if the image is grainy. If enlarging the file you see the image always clear without any kind of ginning then that file is right for printing and you can send it to us without problems. But if in case it turns out grainy at the time of zooming then that file is definitely .jpg, .png, .gif or bitmap.

The right print format

Now we will list the correct formats of the logos for the printing phase on your chosen gadget and those not correct.
Correct format: .ai, .eps, .cdr e pdf
Wrong format: .jpg, .png, .gif, bitmap

We really hope to have clarified any doubt on this important topic in the world of gadgets. Now it's up to you to choose your favorite item for your promotion and send us the logo of your brand.

See you soon!

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