Warm 'n Music... the hat with earphone included !

It is another of the original proposals Gadget Lab. A hat that not only do the more traditional role that we all know, allows you to listen to their favorite music and, if necessary, answer a call with your iPhone. But let's see some more details ...

in different colors, this article is as simple as it is brilliant. Inside, in two special "pockets" are hidden two small speakers that do not deform the flat hat and, therefore, do not give the impression of being there. The peculiarity of the hat is the fact that can be used with any MP3 player to listen to their favorite music or with your iPhone. Headphones, in fact, a microphone is connected, with which you can answer an incoming call simply by pressing a button.

At the appropriate time, the headphones can be found in the hat parade and allow easy cleaning of the same machine. Although the product is distributed in one size, fits all and really good speakers always adhere to the ears.

Certainly represents a good diversified promotional, considering they are useful, practical, and now that winter is coming ..

Rock On

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