The stapler comes with no pins!!

Gadgets from your desk? The stapler comes with no pins !!

Johan Vaaler in 1899 in Norway, invented attache or brooch, then patented in Germany years later. Also in Germany in the thirties, a company of Mainz, the Elastic Design, gave birth to the first stapler staples. From that day has changed the way we collect dossiers and organize documents ... past 80 years since that day, the traditional staplers are still widely used and always present on our desks.

But now something new is being born, eco-friendly version has arrived!

This is a stapler that piercing and folding the paper with a process pressure, can hold a maximum of 10 sheets joined together, as they do points or pins. If necessary, it is also much less complex to separate the sheets. Even the design shows a compact object, colorful and versatile, at an affordable price.

What about ... is ecological and economic, sooo Rock!

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