Promotional Plants and Seeds

Promotional items, advertising and gifts, characterized by the vegetable content.

The packages are all customizable and contain seeds, bulbs or plants. The specificity of this product line is to create an original communication, natural and immediately attributable to environmental, natural and educational, thanks to the symbolic value of flowers, plants and trees.

There are different types of construction:

a) the classic tin, diameter 65mm, height 90cm (right)

b) the ceramic jar, larger than 60mm, bottom diameter 38mm, height 58mm.

Can be achieved either by closing the card is plugged into a display box. (Picture left)


c) A vessel is completely biodegradable, made of compressed peat and wood fiber, the characteristic of this seed kit.

The plants grown in a pot-Nature can be buried directly in the ground without the need for flaring. The vessel, in a short time, will dissolve completely, leaving the plant root. (Picture right)

d) Nice little kit seed "in a can of natural wood.
Ideal for call back, during festivities, celebrations and anniversaries, to respect nature and its protection.

(Picture left)

In addition to the customization of the container, graphics and message communication, it is possible to choose from over 40 different types of seeds or bulbs, divided among flowers, herbs and plants.

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