Eco-inventions, the (mini) pocket-sized solar panel

We have already talked about eco-friendly gadgets (Eco Gadgets), and once again we will offer something useful and above all environmentally friendly!

Let's talk about solar energy.

The object side (left) is a mini solar panel, portable, compact and, thanks to a Velcro closure system and its flexibility, can be worn comfortably with it 'or attached to a backpack, a bicycle or wherever you prefer.

The "charger", compatible with most mobile phones, MP3 players, GPS devices, digital cameras and other devices that use a charging voltage of 5 V, can fully charge a typical mobile phone, and when necessary, can be quickly uploaded with an AC charger or via a standard USB cable

Flexible, lightweight (60 g), robust and designed specifically for outdoor use.

Beautiful and ecological .. What more?

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