The fortune cookie, the gadget with the surprise!

Do you want
to know what to expect tomorrow? Are you lucky or not? According to Chinese tradition of fortune cookies are biscuits, which contain within them a greeting card with a sentence or a board. In fact, even today the fortune cookies are served meals in Chinese restaurants closing. Then hit your cookie, please read the prophecies written in the ticket and if you still need Mordin again, you will always be useful.

From this custom, that the last time it was remarkably widespread on the Internet, primarily through the Facebook application, we decided to design a gadget. This is a key ring (see photo)

in the shape of
the fortune cookie opens through a mechanism and contains a lot of messages in different, tailored to the customer who orders the promotion. In addition, for those who wish something cheaper for the promotion of wide distribution, you can also work on a product made from soft PVC insert, for example, in a basket or other container, very suitable for events with distribution through hostesses.

At the level of communication there are two notable strengths. The first is that your brand will be associated with a positive message of good luck, while the second is that arouses the curiosity to discover what kind of message will happen, enticing the recipient to get the gadgets.

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