Push the Button - The promotional gadget becomes interactive

brand becomes interactive with the Push Button USB WebKey.

It is a circular button to connect to any computer via USB cable, with plug & play recognition.

If pressed, automatically in the default web browser is launched, a website, a particular web page, a video, an online catalog or any link you want to preload on it. It can be used for direct connection to a webchat, with an area for emergency assistance or support.

Seemingly trivial but if an object is analyzed with attention could become a promotional gadget with great effectiveness, as it tends to render immediate action with a simple web search.

Push Button USB also has a great communicative power permanently stationed on the desk near the computer.

To make it even more attractive this little gadget, we decided to change the version with a simple button and enter 3 USB ports, then converting this HUB. In doing so the object becomes a utility for users and ensure use by avoiding the immediate provision as it was in 37% of cases in the basic version.

To the detriment of what you might think, this article does not have high costs and, in our opinion has a high ratio of return advertising.

We remain at your disposal for any information or a quote!

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