New Earphones with zip.. cool !!

Snow White, black magic, fire red and pink sweetness are just some of the colors available for the new item in stock from Gadget Lab

Despite presenting himself as a promotional gadget, has an outstanding quality and performance of the highest level.
The new headsets are equipped with gold-plated jack (the experts already know what does), while all the others ... SCREAM audio !!

The devices are equipped with gold-plated jack audio transmission high level, a decrease automatically sounds and ambient noise, and this technology is only used for headphones and in-ear musicians and DJs professionals.
We do not expect them to find it in a promotional item!
The earphones have a silicone membrane soft to suit every type and shape of the ear, can be adapted to 100% to whoever wears it. But this is not enough. What is the classic problem of the headphones for phone, mp3 etc? Have you ever tried to put them in your pocket? Knotted back out like the string of a sailor.
With the special roll-on once taken off roll up into the case and ordered enough nodes and torn cuffs ...
Not enough? Have you ever seen a headset that opens like a zipper? Fashion, fashionable but also comfortable and userfriendly!
This new gadget is customizable in every way, color, thickness and printing on zip closure.

One of the highlights of the products Gadget Lab 2013!

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