MACRO LENS BRACELET for Iphone and Smartphone

In recent years smartphones have made great steps, in particular the cameras and their accessories.
What we present today is a special "lens band" comes in two models (macro and wideangle lens)  compatible with iPhone and any other smartphone on the market regardless of brand, operating system and sizes (do not overdo it... we're talking abaout smartphone, not tablet. The dedicated model will be available soon)

Samsung, HTC and Apple share the highest place in the pyramid of international market of mobile phones, but what standard models are not yet able to do are the WideAngle and Macro photos.
Now with this special accessory, nothing will be easier: take pictures with a very high resolution, zoom and wideangle. This will allow you to make perfect photos of details, like an insect resting on a flower,  the crowns of the eye of a friend or entire landscapes, perfect for the Christmas holidays to portray an entire snowy hill!

Today we will focus on taking pictures in macro, (capture the small details of objects photographed very closely). We've chosen to present MACRO LENS BRACELET, the silicone bracelet with magnifying glass, born from a design project for manufacturers of telescopes and research tools.

The bracelet is very comfortable, and enables the user to take it off and wear it like any bracelet once finished shooting. (In addition to the photos, it can also be used to record video.)

Available in trendy colors of the moment, the silicone band (resistant to cold, heat and water) is customizable over the entire surface, with color printing or engraving of a logo, a phrase, or a slogan for the effect of your advertising campaign.

Make your photos special, impress your friends and customer with incredible details and landscapes with a simple click of your smartphone and keep always on top your logo and your marketing campaign!

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