Some ideas to...drink responsibly!

Getting used to drinking with reusable bottles and glasses instead of plastic bottles or disposable glasses is a small step of responsibility towards the environment and ourselves. If then the material composition of these articles originates from natural elements, even better.

Today we present the Straw Fiber Plastic (SFP), made up of straw and plastic fibers. The straw fiber is made from natural elements such as wheat shells, corn citrus or rice bran that are mixed with polypropylene to obtain a resistant fiber.

Since, in the mixture, the percentage presence of the two materials (natural ones and pp) is around 50% each, the amount of plastic used in production is considerably reduced compared to a common processing. In addition, the natural elements are agricultural wastes that are usually burned causing air pollution: in this case instead they are all recovered and regenerated.

Despite what is often reported, products made with this technique are not biodegradable because the natural fibers mixed with normal plastic are no longer able to be compostable, and the plastic is not already by nature. However, they are totally recyclable.

With Straw Fiber Plastic, many kitchen objects are made: from lunch boxes, to cutlery, to containers of various sizes. We really liked the small glass that folds on itself and the container bottle, also convenient to carry and available in different versions: with spout for drinking, with attached cell phone holder, of different capacities ... shortly, the one you see in photo is just an example!

Both objects can be personalized, even in packaging. As for the glass, customization is possible on the cap. The bottle instead has a printing area that takes all its circumference. Although they are new items on the market, they are quite cheap and therefore suitable for large-scale promotions.

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