Give away original items that are really useful!

How many times, during the shopping sessions, we notice an unusual object and we say to ourselves: "well, I don't need it but if you give it to me, I don't deny that it would be useful ..."

This should be one of the thoughts behind the choice of the most suitable promotional item: present customers something that is not obvious, in order to avoid repeating what they already have, but which is so useful that they can no longer do without it!

What we propose today is just one of those products, a mix between practical and unusual.

These are bags of different shapes and sizes, which can be used both as envelopes for ordering garments in the closet or travel bags, and for preserving delicate clothes in the washing machine.

In fact, garments often get tangled during washing, risking damage or tearing, especially when in contact with zips, buttons or studs. Instead, inserting them in these bags not only do not spoil but do not even risk getting stained coming in contact with other colored garments. They are made of polyester and have a woven weave that allows the passage of water and soap.

They can be purchased in sets of five pieces with the shape and embroidery that recalls the type of garments for which they were designed (as seen in the photo); or they can tailor made with custom shape, color and embroidery, and even given as a single piece, choosing only one of the sizes.

This is just one of the ideas we have prepared for you. For more information on this or similar products, contact us!

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