Corporate gift, what is the message?

Offer a gift to its customers, suppliers or employees is certainly a positive for your brand image.

However, before choosing the gift you should ask yourself a number of questions:

- What is the message that the gift should convey?
- What is the image of your company that you want to highlight? Creativity, quality, service?
- What is the message you are trying to send through the free enterprise? First Contact, an incentive to orders, thank you?
- How long must the continuing impact on the customer? The lifespan of some gifts, like a bottle of wine, is short. The lifetime of other gifts, with the same budget, can be much longer.
- What should be the impact of the gift in the space of the customer? Where and when do you think you want the client to you or your products?
- Do you want to offer something expensive or cheap, in other words, what is your budget?
- It will be a tribute to classic or something a bit more imaginative?
- How do you want to send the gift package, or at what cost?

These are questions to ask before making a decision on the choice of corporate gifts.

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