How promotional gadgets can enhance your social media

Promotional products are typically thought of as a great marketing tactic when trying to get your business in the (real) face of consumers. Which is true. A tangible product, that people find useful or entertaining help businesses gain repeat impressions and brand recognition.

However, there is a belief from some that these type of products cannot help your online presence. Which is completely false. The following two examples will prove that not only can promotional products can increase a business’s online visibility, but also boost their social media as well.


About a month ago, I stumbled on a blog post by Debra Mastaler titled Ducky Small Business Promotion. While traveling, Debora found a small shape of duck in her bathroom at a Comfort Inn. At first glance, it looked like only a small rubber ducky for the kids. But after a closer look, there was a small ticket with the write: "Take me with you, and together we could win prizes!" Inside the card there was also a QR code and directions. This campaign has been a huge hit for Comfort Inn. Their Facebook page is littered with photos from guests who take the cute rubber ducky with them to share in their travels. Like this one.


7-Eleven has always been very conscious about their online presence. Already active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, they took their social media to the next level when the brand introduced their very hip Mustache Slurpee Straws. The custom straws come in four different styles to please everyone’s ‘stache preference. There’s the British upper-lip, hirsute handlebar, the Ron Swanson special and the Hulk Hogan. The straws also come in a neat plastic promotional mason jar. The mustache straws have fed on the new #selfie phenomenon and has skyrocketed 7-Elevens presence on social media. With users posting countless images on their personal accounts while others comment on where they got them. 7-Eleven’s new promotional slurpee campaign has seen hundreds of mentions on Twitter and blogs that has garnered over 1.5 million impression. The Mustache Straws launched right before the start of summer and sales have already surpassed exceptions. Promo gadgets CAN boost your social media Both of these campaigns are excellent examples of how promotional gadgets can have a direct effect on a company’s online presence. All it takes is a little creativity and participation from consumers to make it happen.

Good creativity!

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