Customizations and personalized gadgets: fashion makes the rules

In a world where you can find everything and at all prices, the brands of the Fashion System, to gain ever more important market slices, cannot do nothing but propose news and quality.

But this is not enough.

The current trend is to offer really unique items for the clients, with the possibility of customization: in this way the brand you have chosen can make you feel a real privileged and, even if other people wear that item, don’t care, the one with your name printed is definitely and exclusively yours. Moreover, you often like to make it known on social networks or to friends because it makes you really proud, creating a dizzying word of mouth.

The ideas of customization in the fashion field are varied: from the famous Dior bag to Etro's personalized document holder that, given as a gift to the web influcencers, are becoming more and more visible. The authority of the brand rises, the diffusion and the perceived as well.

Luxury brands do not rely only on this marketing strategy reserved for few people, but they also exalt the strength they have in the market to give gadgets to customers with the brand logo printed. Remember the success of the cover that Moschino gave as a gift for one of his shows during Milan Fashion Week: a packet of McDonalds chips to be “stuck” on the phone. Super photographed and super posted on social media, a winning and original idea, coordinated with the theme of the fashion event. That show is hard to forget: those who are not fashion addicted and have not been interested in the show, will certainly have seen that cover posted everywhere. Then associate a brand like Moschino with an object that can easily be bought by everyone, make it democratic and even "nice".

Customizations and personalized gadgets are made up for this: in the first case, you exalt the customer, in the second case you reward him. In both cases my brand will be remembered with pleasure.

The strength of promotional items is precisely this: to leave good memories. And, fundamental, being able to hit the mark with a winning idea, not necessarily super innovative but fitting perfectly with the situation to tell, with the history of the brand, with the meaning of the personalization printed above.

Gadget Lab is able to create gadgets or even original product lines suitable for every need, to be carried out step by step with the customer. Contact us for more information!

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