Communicating with promotional items in the digital era

Communicating with promotional items in the digital era contents source:

The euphoria of attending an event and bringing home an object that becomes a symbol of the emotion experienced thanks to that brand; the desire to exchange a gift with loved ones in relevant moments; the desire to print photos because digital pictures you know, are lost.

The value we give to tangible memories is still (luckily) very important, despite the fact that we are all absorbed by events and news that we read, comment, save on digital media.

Digital sociality creates immediacy but also distance, even when we talk about web advertising. No one will thank you for an advertisement from which it is hit, while yes if you give a promotional item: it is something concrete, a product that can be used, for the customer it represents only a gift, he does not mind the fact that every time he uses it is subjected to an advertising impression.

According to a recent research by the Promotional Products Association International, 79% of those who received a promotional item searched for the brand after holding the gadget, 82% of them say that the impression they have of the brand improves after they received the promotional item, 90% of them say that they can remember the brand if they had a second contact. Sage World reports that 60% of consumers who receive promotional products keep them and use them up to the next 24 months; he also reports that 48% of consumers would like to receive gadgets more often.

But what are the topics to consider in order not to make mistakes in the choice of a promotional item? Here are some suggestions:

  • Give relevance to the object , that should be strongly linked to the theme of the event, strongly connected to the product being promoted or to the brand identity of the company itself, in the case, for example, of a new business opening. This will help you remind the customer of what you were promoting when they use your gadget.
  • Choose an object that transmit worth: it is not enough that it is useful, it must have a good perceived value, better if it belongs to the "eco-friendly" category. This will help the customer to have a better opinion of your brand.
  • Be original, but be careful not to be too much! Avoid giving something that the customer doesn’t know how to use because it is too complicated, or that he will never use because it does not improve his daily routine.
  • Prefer objects that have a long life and that can eventually be passed on to others, to guarantee greater impressions and prolonged over time.
  • If you need advices for choosing the most suitable gadget, contact us and without any commitment we will be glad to help you!

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