The lanyard, badge holder also erroneously called, is the classic strip, printed or produced on jacquard transfer, to be worn at the neck to be used as identification of personnel, both as an advertising medium, is to hang a badge or other accessories. Its versatility, low cost and the various possibilities of realization made it an object not only practical but also a trendy gadget, always appreciated by the public. A nice way to be remembered, a practical way to identify employees in the company or just something comfortable to wear.

There are various types of realization of personalized ribbon lanyard or badge holder used for:
- Print Transfer: is used a polyester satin ribbon on which is transferred to heat, the desired printed in multiple colors. With this system you are able to reproduce colors and shades and the print is identical on both sides.
- Jacquard weaving, in which case the logo and everything appears on the tape is woven throughout the production of the tape. This technique allows you to create logos and written only with flat colors and the back of the tape is negative, thus giving rise to a non-readability of the logo. The tape is more consistent and looks like a product more valuable.

The technical transfer, cheaper than jacquard, is currently the most used, and for the most versatility of colors and shades is because it is less expensive, especially for big promotions.
In addition, the visibility of the writing on both sides of the tape does not create the positive / negative, typical of jacquard.

Minimum production
- Print Transfer: the optimum part of 1,000 pieces, achievable with various kinds of finishing (clip / snap lever / lever-release carabiner keychain). You can also make runs of 500 pieces, but the cost was much higher in proportion.
- Jacquard Weaving: the optimum is always at least 1,000 pieces, made with the same finishes provided for transfer printing.

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