Badge Holder

badge holder made ??of polycarbonate, ABS resin or PVC is the most requested addition to the lanyard used for operational reasons. It can be used to preserve and protect the badges, smart cards, plastic cards of any kind in CR-80 format or to insert small brochures and cards of various materials. The internal format of useful articles and polycarbonate resin is the standard CR-80 is identical to a credit card.

Badge Lanyard in PVCTutti the polycarbonate resin have, within them, a system that holds the
badges and thick to protect the magnetic stripe of the badge and it can prevent scratches or damaged during the extraction or insertion.

It 'also available takes an envelope labels made ??of PVC (or BHV2 BHO3 article) that does not provide protection to the magnetic strip and a semi-rigid. For special needs and runs for at least 2,000 pieces we can produce custom sizes on request.

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