Personalized Post IT


An exhibition of Caravaggio, Matisse, Picasso? International exposure? A personal photo? An advertising promotion? A business card is innovative? All this and much more can be transmitted through our personalized post it. Just use the imagination and think of the result to be achieved, to fully understand the possibilities of custom repositionable sheets. A world to create and discover a way to make a mark of your company or your business, which by its nature is multiplied to infinity.

The Post notes advertisements are much more than just sticky repositionable ... after each block of notes can be customized by printing your logo on each sticky note ... ideal for your actions or guerrilla marketing to promote your business.

The product is the most commonly recognized standards booklet of sticky notes (Post It), the following measures:

  • 50x75 mm
  • 75x75 mm
  • 100x75 mm
  • 125x75 mm
  • 100x100 mm
  • 100x150 mm

Product Description

The adhesive used is the "law-tac" in aqueous solution without synthetic solvents.
It 'a product made in various shapes, colors and sizes.
The paperback binding is achieved by means of corrugated.
It 'available in different sizes, with 1 to 4 spot colors and process colors. And 'possible to make blocks with 100% recycled paper.
Made with paper 80 gr. / sqm. And it is possible to pack the books individually blister.
A block typically consists of 50 or 100 sheets.


The adhesive pads of sheets, generally known as Post It, can be realized with several customization options in colors, shapes and sizes.

  • Sheet Size
  • Color sheets
  • Paper Type
  • Thickness of sheets
  • Number of sheets per pad
  • Number of colors of the graphic design
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