Promotional Umbrellas

promotional umbrellas
are considered by many a gadget with a great advertising return. The choice is wide automatic, mini umbrellas, folding umbrellas, umbrellas, portable, pocket books and courses. For this type of gadgets are the three factors discriminating between different models.

One is the form that may be little more or less depending on usage, this variable come primarily umbrellas for adults, children, classics, or pocket, but also by the particular shape as a triangle or square.

The second element concerns the coverage that surely can be printed or spot more or less colored and custom of the various segments that make up the umbrella.

The third element is the handle that in most cases is made of plastic but of wood, rubber or aluminum and in particular models is also a storage area, connected to it is the structure that is the soul and provides the umbrella the quality and durability and can be classic metal, as well as in wood or aluminum to make these umbrellas very light.

There are special models for both their technological component such as an umbrella with a particular coverage allows the passage of air inside of the umbrella without it being broken down, but also for their use, for example there are umbrellas that allow the extension of the bar so that you can lay on the floor, or those with tape or case that allows you to comfortably shoulder portals.

Ombrello brandizzato



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