Folding keyboards, backlit and virtual

Folding keyboards, backlit and virtual
The brand just a "hand"

Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard (virtual keyboard): This futuristic keyboard, is nothing but a laser device that projects 63 keys on the surface of red color, recreating the noise. Useful for PDAs and smartphones, but it can also be used for the computer, it connects via Bluetooth.

Roll-up keyboard (foldable keyboard):

QWERTY standard keyboard with 104 keys, when not used can be rolled up and carry it with you with a small footprint, quiet and dust-proof, with PS / 2 and USB, provides 15 million of keystrokes.

Backlit Keybord (backlit keyboard)

with a rubber base that ensures stability on the shelf, its 104 keys are special in that light, allowing its use even in the dark, the color of light, which spreads also from the sides, can be blue, red or purple.

Appel high for everyday objects and you will have young and old ;)

Rock on!


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