USB rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries
are the only viable solution to date to address the costs, the difficult disposal and the ability to remain "dry" battery common.

Despite what we often are faced with the problem of charger; maybe because you forgot home, or simply because it is a bit 'too big to keep in their pockets. So it becomes a problem recharging their batteries.

In this problem we thought Moxia Energy in collaboration with Lovemyplanet, together they have created a rechargeable battery with integrated USB port to recharge in complete freedom.

The USBcell, so they called the eco rechargeable batteries, the same size and have the same voltage as the classic AA battery, but have a more special, in fact, simply lift the cap over the positive terminal to find a USB port that allows recharging.

That is, the time pass and also everything that surrounds us has to keep up .. All the better if in advance we can also save money and not harm the environment .. Hats off to the USB batteries!

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