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Printed T-Shirt

10 Jan 2012
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Another very effective advertising vehicles, as classic shirts are customized with your company logo. This is a promotional item timeless, certainly has infinite qualities, but it can, in other respects, be limited (we will see later why).
The most frequently chosen primarily for the convenient quality / price ratio, is that of a short-sleeved cotton shirts in plain, on which is printed, or better, screen, company logo or design chosen. To explore this branch of advertising gadgets is best to take in analyzing different cases or situations dictated by customer needs.

For convenience divide the article into several sections, taking into account initially the solutions are popular.

T-Shirts economic, high consumption and deterioration.

The choice of a t-shirt with short sleeves and cotton weight is not too high (less than 140g.) Is best to dress the staff working in environments and works in situations that wear out the fabric. The customization is usually in the printing of the logo by screen printing to one or two colors on the chest. These t-shirts have a short life cycle, so do not require high quality and it does not have specific promotional purposes (not to convey the image of the company strong and highly qualified).

T-shirts of medium to high quality, heavy-weight

If you wish to distribute this article as a tribute to the public or even create a company branded clothing line and opt for the choice of a material of low weight you will get poor results certainly in terms of image. In this case the most interesting that I recommend is that of a t-shirt with screen printing to one or more colors on the chest and possibly on the back. The ideal weight is 160g.

What does it cost to print a t-shirt?

Since the bulk of the cost of production is due to the construction of the frame for screen printing, you can well understand that more t-shirts are printed, the lower the price of each piece. The shirts are sold by the dozen, for a minimum order of 100 head of mixed sizes (xs, s, m, l, xl and xxl). Hardly who will release minor items at an acceptable price.

The variables that come into play and contribute to the cost of the shirts are finished:

the type of printing (screen-printed, adhesive)
the number of prints (front only, back only, or front / back?)
the number of colors (which forces you to make one or more plates for the frame)
the number of pieces (if you print many shirts you can spread the price of the plants on a larger number of animals)

You only print a few t-shirt type?

The solution exists! You only have to compromise.
Forget first screen printing, opting instead for the transfer or sublimation printing!

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